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OUGF Harmony 2016 Spring Conference Twitter Statistics

If you didn’t come this page from my review about the OUGF Harmony16 Spring Conference, please don’t forget to read that one. This post is generated almost automatically by scripts to share the twitter statistics of the conference. The statistics cover the period between May 17 and May 20. I included three hashtags (#OUGF, #OUGF16, #Harmony16), because at the beginning of the conference, people (including me) did not used the official hashtag (#Harmony16).


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OUGF Harmony 16 Spring Conference

Last week I took part in the OUGF (Oracle User Group Finland) Harmony 16 Spring Conference. It was a two day event, and held in Helsinki, between May 18th and 19th. In the conference, I gave two speeches: “Essential Linux commands for DBAs” and “Enterprise Manager 13c for DBAs”. Most people expect to me to speak about Enterprise Manager but in my first session, I spoke about the tools which can be used for monitoring Linux performance (i.e. sar, pidstat, top), profilers and tracing tools.


In my second session, I spoke about the features of Enterprise Manager for database administrators. I think people enjoyed my sessions, because I got good questions and positive feedback from the audience. By the way, thanks Ann Sjökvist for the photo.

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TROUG Days 2016 İstanbul Twitter Statistics

TROUG Days İstanbul was held last week (April 28th to 29th) at İstanbul Technical University Technopark. I think we used social media, specially twitter very effective, so I wanted to publish some twitter statistics about the event like I did for OUGN Spring Event. The statistics cover the period between April 27 and April 30.

Before sharing the twitter statistics, I would like to write a few words about the event. I feel very proud to be a part of the organization team of TROUG Days İstanbul. It was the first two-day event organized by TROUG and everything went OK. It is a milestone for TROUG. We increased the expectations of TROUG members, and will surely organize a better one next year. I would like to thank our sponsors (Oracle Turkey, Axxana, Bilginç IT Academy) and all speakers. We had a great lineup including 10 Oracle ACE Directors, 7 Oracle ACEs, 3 Oracle ACE Associates.

When I say “speakers”, I remembered that we had a great speakers’ dinner thanks to ACE Program and our sponsors. I hope the speakers liked our hospitality and they will come again next year! After this brief summary of the event, here are the twitter statistics:

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How to Install Oracle 11gR2 XE on Ubuntu

I wanted to import a datapump dumpfile to my laptop, and I wondered if I can install Oracle XE to ubuntu guest. I thought it would be easy because I installed Oracle 10g XE to ubuntu for several times, but I saw that Oracle doesn’t provide debian packages for Oracle 11g XE. So I needed to convert the RPM to debian package (and fix incompatibility problems). Therefor, I installed “alien” package and other required tools using apt-get:

Then I downloaded the zipped RPM (, unzipped it:

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OMS Upgrade Fails At Repository Configuration With Error ORA-20251

Yesterday, one of my blog readers asked me how I didn’t encounter ORA-20251 error when upgrading my EM12c to EM13c. He also pointed My Oracle Support document (Doc ID 2095025.1). The document says a new record will be inserted into EM_COST_CENTERS table (in fact the table name is EM_COST_CENTERS_E but it’s not relevant) for all users whose department value is not blank during the upgrade. If there are more than one records with blank cost center then the second record will be considered as duplicate, resulting in the above error during the repository configuration.

Here’s the sample output:

I asked my reader to examine the EM users and he said there are not any EM users whose department value is not blank. So today, I examined the upgrade script and see that it’s not just about the department value. The upgrade scrip also tries to insert new “cost center” records for the users whose Line of business value is not blank.

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