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My Presentations at DOAG & BGOUG: EMCLI Crash Course

Last week, I gave presentations at DOAG (German Oracle User Group) conference and BGOUG (Bulgarian Oracle User Group) autumn conference about Oracle Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface. It was my first time at these conferences, and both of them were wonderful.

Before each session at DOAG Conference, there was a video showing “how they prepared the last year’s DOAG conference”. What a professionalism! What a great team work! You know Germany is known for their high quality standards, and you could see it everywhere at DOAG conference. I feel privileged to speak there. I had chance to meet lots of people I know from Twitter, face to face.


I was very lucky to join to the ACE Dinner which was organized for the first time at DOAG!

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Using EMCLI List Verb to Get Detailed Information of EM Targets

After the presentation about EMCLI at DOAG 2015, someone asked me how we can list database targets based on their operating systems. In my presentation, I told that there are more than 70 verbs which starts with “get_” and help you fetch information about EM objects, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can use the “list” verb which is probably the most powerful verb of EMCLI. Now I try to show how we can use the list verb to fetch detailed information about EM targets.

Let’s say we want to list the databases running on Linux. The original question was how we can list the databases running on Windows but thanks God, I don’t have any databases running on Windows. So I changed the question. First let’s see what we can get by using “get_targets”:

emcli get_targets -target=”oracle_database”:

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 13.32.28

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EMCLI Python Script File to Create Users

I’ll give presentations at DOAG 2015 on Tuesday (tomorrow), and at the BGOUG Autumn Conference on Saturday. My presentation will be about EMCLI (Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface). I will try to explain the basics of EMCLI, its terminology, the important points, and how we can use it with bash for scripting. I’ll also speak about EMCLI Python scripting, very short but useful into to Python and then share some sample scripts. Because of the time limit of the session, I need to be picky about sample scripts and put only a few ones (which points important points). I’ll share more sample scripts on my blog. The following script shows how you can write an EMCLI script which will read usernames, passwords and roles from a CSV file and then create these users as EM administrators. This script must be used with “EMCLI with Scripting Mode” (aka advancedkit):

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How to Upgrade Sybase IQ 16 to 16.0.10 (SP10)

Sybase-IQ-Box-300x314Yesterday, I did my first Sybase IQ upgrade. I upgraded our main datawarehouse from Sybase IQ 16 to 16 SP10. The process was easy: Stop the database instance, install the new software, start the instance (from new software home), run an SQL to upgrade the metadata. Although the process was easy, I had some unexpected problems so I wanted to my notes in case you may need to upgrade your Sybase IQ.

You have probably heard it a thousand times but here I’ll say it again: Read the manual! Then open a ticket (or call) to Sybase support and ask questions about upgrading process. The process is very easy but it’s not documented well. Maybe I feel like this because I’m used to read Oracle’s word-class manuals. I’m serious. Oracle provides best manuals compared to the other Database vendors.

Second mandatory warning: Before you start to upgrade operation, make sure you have a valid backup of database.

Make sure that your license file is compatible with the software version you’ll install. You may need to generate an uptodate SySAM License! You can also contact Sybase suport and ask them to send you a compatible license file.

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How to Download EM12c R5 Installation Files Using Wget

Although EM12c R5 ( was released about 2.5 months ago, I couldn’t find time to upgrade our EM12c system until now. I have decided to dedicate my day for upgrading our EM12c. I’m not planning to write a step by step document because it’s already documented well by other bloggers. I’ll just share my notes if I encounter any problem.

I have probably told several times that EM12c should have some internet access, at least, it should be able to reach My Oracle Support website. Luckily, our server has direct-access to the internet (not accepting any incoming connection requests), so I’ll download the installation files directly to the server. Because I like tricky things, I’ll use “wget” instead of an internet browser. I got a sample wget script from Oracle Support Website to download patches, and then modified it to download EM12c files. The script may be helpful if you’re planning to install EM12c to a remote server which you do not have X windows access.

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