In the official backup and recovery documents of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, when omsca tool is used for recovery, it is used with “-as” and “-ms” parameters but they are not well documented. For example:

Run omsca in recovery mode specifying the export file taken earlier to configure the OMS:

<OMS_HOME>/bin/omsca recover –as –ms –nostart –backup_file <exportconfig file>

Some parameters have no need any explanation but what are “-as” and “-ms”? Can we use them separately?

-AS means we want to recover the “OMS weblogic admin server”. The admin server operates as the central control entity for the configuration of the entire Enterprise Manager domain.

-MS means we want to recover the managed server hosting Oracle Management Service (OMS). It’s a mandatory parameter for recovery operations!

It’s possible to recover managed servers without recovering admin server of EM13c. For example, if you have Multi OMS site and lost one of your additional OMS, you can recover it with “-ms” parameter.

If you need to recover admin server, you also need to recover the managed server on the host, so you should use “-as” and “-ms” parameters together.

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  1. I tried to recover the oms from an old server but I get an error message:

    config home directory d:\ora11\mw12104\gc_inst msut be empty for recovery to proceed.

    Do I have to clean the folder ?

    If yes, must I shutdown the OMS for recovery ? I can’t clean the folder because it is used by another process

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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