This is a late post (sorry for all Turkish Oracle Users waiting for the presentations) about TROUG DBA/Developer SIG 2014. We successfully organized a hybrid SIG meeting on February 13th, but I could find time to write a blog post about it till today. My company (Innova) hosted the meeting, I would like to thank my manager for his support. There were 5 presentations, and all of them were in Turkish. I made a presentation about Oracle Standard Edition, talked about how we can create alternatives to Enterprise features to lower the license costs.


I’ve put all of them (except mine) to slideshare for the people who asks for the presentations. I’m planning to share it after I translate it to English. Here are the presentations:

Oracle Database 12c New features for DBAs – Zekeriya Beşiroğlu

Oracle Database 12c New features for Developers – Erdem Altunkaynak

Complex Applications with APEX – Ergem Peker

DataGuard Ortamında Primary Sunucunun Taşınması – Erkan Ülgey

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