I got an error when trying to start Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c. It says AdminServer couldn’t be started:

When I examined the EMGC_ADMINSERVER.out file, I see that “<BEA-141281> <unable to get file lock, will retry …> weblogic.management.ManagementException: Unable to obtain lock” message. As you know, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control uses Weblogic. Weblogic uses “lock” (*.lok) files to prevent a server to run multiple times. I checked if EMGC_ADMINSERVER is running:

and see that it’s not up, so it’s obvious that somehow locks files were not properly cleaned. I shutdown the rest of OMS processes:

then searched for the lock files and removed them

After removing the lock files, I succesfully started OMS including AdminServer.

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  1. Thank’s very much , very usefull 😉

  2. Hi

    I installed DB as repository with OEM .Installation went fine.

    All OMS and agents are up and running.

    I am unable to open em console.Any idea why em console is not opening when the all services are properly up and running.

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Raghu, what happens when you try to connect to EM console? Are you sure that you try to connect to the correct URL? Could you share the output of the following command?

      $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl status oms -details

  3. Hi,

    As per your guideline it is working fine & issue got resolve.

    Thank you very much..

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