Today, I needed to update the IP adresses of scan name in Oracle 11gR2 RAC environment. As you know, these IP addresses are defined in DNS but they also stored in Oracle Clusterware resource configuration to tell which IP addresses will be served by SCAN VIP services. So when you update the IP addresses of the scan name in DNS, you also need to update the resource configuration. This is a very simple task: Stop the SCAN listeners, stop the SCAN (Virtual IP) services and then run “srvctl modify scan” command for the scan name:

Be sure that all the SCAN VIP services are down:

Re-configure scan virtual ip adresses and run the scan listeners:

You can check the new configuration by running “srvctl config scan”.

2 Responses to “How to Change IP adresses of SCAN Name in Oracle 11gR2 RAC”

  1. priya sinha says:

    Where would we suppose to reconfigure scan vip and How??

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Priya, you need to change DNS records of the SCAN IPs (on your DNS server), then follow the instructions above.

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