If you prefer RPM package management system to keep tracks of installed software on your systems, you can deploy Oracle Management Agent using RPM File.

First, you need to create “/usr/lib/oracle” on OMS server (if there is no such a directory). Login as root user and run the following commands:

Install the rpm-build package on the OMS host:

Switch to oracle user, and login to OEM using emcli as SYSMAN user:

List the platforms for which the Management Agent software is available on the OMS host:

As you see, there’s only Linux x86-64 agent available. Let’s create and download the RPM file for it:

Now we can copy the RPM to the target system to deploy the agent. I assume that you have already created a user for agent.

Login as root to the target system and install the RPM:

When it’s done, you need to edit /usr/lib/oracle/agent/agent.properties file, enter the required values:


Save the file and run /etc/init.d/oracle-agt:

That’s all, now you can check if agent is running:

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