One of my blog readers asked me how we can change the ports of Grid Control after install. Yes it’s possible to change the ports after installing EM Grid Control and it’s well documented for Enterprise Manager Cloud control. I tested if these steps are valid for Grid Control and it worked. I think no one uses insecure ports so I’ll show how I will set Oracle Enterprise Manager (secure) web site port to 8000 and “secure/https upload port” to 2000 on Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g:

First we need to stop OMS:

Then modify the port information in repository:

Modify the ports in the configuration files (/oracle/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/

Change values of EM_CONSOLE_HTTPS_PORT (Oracle Enterprise Manager web console port) and EM_UPLOAD_HTTPS_PORT (upload port used by agents)

Edit SSL configuration of Apache (/oracle/gc_inst/WebTierIH1/config/OHS/ohs1/ssl.conf ) and find “Listen 7799″ and “VirtualHost *:7799″ and enter new port numbers:

Edit SSL configuration of EM Upload service (/oracle/gc_inst/WebTierIH1/config/OHS/ohs1/httpd_em.conf), find the following lines:

and enter new port numbers:

Now you can start OMS. Of course you also need to modify agent configuration if you change upload ports. The agent configuration file can be found at $AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME/sysman/config/ Open it and search for REPOSITORY_URL.

Modify its value according to your new OMS upload port:

6 Responses to “Customizing HTTPS Console and Upload Ports After Installing Enterprise Manager Grid/Cloud Control”

  1. hi,

    Are the steps same for the standby OMS created in multi OMS env?

  2. Thanks for the steps to change the ports.

  3. hi,
    I have configured a standby oms to my primary oms in 12c. however the https console port for oms and http console port for oms has changed in standby site and do not match primary oms. agent upload port and other configuration is same except the ports.
    When I use the steps above to change ports at standby site I get following error
    “Input oms_name is invalid. Management Server with this name does not exists”
    I also tried with -oms_name local_oms but getting same error. please advise.

  4. amith says:

    can any one give me good document to create stand by oms, I have already built my 3 node prod oms, now I want to have the standby oms for that 3 nodes

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