My First Impressions of Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c

I’ve installed Oracle Enterprise Ops Center 12c to my virtual PC today. As I see, Ops Center started to use Oracle Database to keep its repository. Previous releases were using PostgreSQL. Installer of Ops Center will install (and setup) Oracle Database 11gR2 (, or you can use an existing Oracle Database. This gives you flexibility to use a RAC Database for large environments.

Before starting installation, I recommend you to use OCDoctor to verify that your system meets the prerequisites. I’ll create a step by step installation guide soon so I’ll not mention about details of installation for now.

There are lots of improvements but here the new features I noticed (after a quick preview):

  • Better support for Cloud Lifecycle Management
  • Support for advanced features of Oracle Solaris 11
  • Support for SPARC Supercluster
  • LDAP Integration
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Automatic Service Request (ASR)

Here are the screenshots:

This is the login page of Ops Center.

You see the assets section. I can say that user interface of Ops Center is not changed much but now almost all pages are customizable.

This is the plan management section. You can use “templates” to create your own plans for deployment. You can also create or edit monitoring policies in the plan management section.

Software Library for Solaris and Oracle Linux.

You can monitor your network and see the network topology in the network section. This is all for now. Don’t forget to join Total Cloud Control for Systems webcast on April 12:

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Gokhan Atil is a database administrator who has hands-on experience with both RDBMS and noSQL databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase IQ, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and ElasticSearch), and strong background on software development. He is certified as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and is awarded as Oracle ACE (in 2011) and Oracle ACE Director (in 2016) for his continuous contributions to the Oracle users community.

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