Oracle today announced availability of Oracle Solaris 11. Here are some key points about Oracle Solaris 11:

  • Oracle Solaris Zones provides virtualization with lower overhead than VMware. New integrated network virtualization allows you to create data center topologies within a single OS instance with bandwidth control and monitoring.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides enterprise wide, centralized control over hardware, OS and virtualization resources for Solaris 11, and it’s “included” in systems support (not requires an extra license).
  • Oracle Solaris 11 is “secure by default”, it locks down services from first install and provides role-based root access.
  • Oracle Solaris ZFS provides flash-enabled tiered storage pools, encryption and the scalability to store unlimited amounts of data. With Oracle Solaris ZFS deduplication, storage requirements in virtualized environments can be reduced by 10x.
  • Oracle Solaris and Oracle software applications (such as Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g) are designed and tested together to provide faster fail-over, reliability and better application performance.

Here are some useful links about Solaris 11:

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