In my previous post, I tried to show how to install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, now I’ll show how to add target hosts to our Enterprise Manager system. I assume that you’re in a similar position (installed Cloud Control but haven’t added any target yet).

As you know, we have to install Oracle Management Agent to the targets to be able to manage them via our Enterprise Manager. In OEM Cloud Control 12c, we can “Add Host Targets Wizard” which is accessible from the web interface. We can manually enter required information of host or we can use auto-discovery method.

If we’ll use auto discovery, we need an active agent to discover targets in network. This agent can scan local services or network. “Nmap” is used for scanning network. Nmap requires root privileges to be able to use raw sockets for “Syn Scanning” (a method to detect open ports through firewalls). So we need to configure “privilege delegation” in the host of our agent (which we’ll use for scanning).

Click “setup”, “security” and then “privilege delegation”.

Currently I have only one active agent (it’s the agent installed on OEM Cloud Control server), so I’ll configure privilege delegation for it. Click “edit”.

Select “sudo”, enter “/usr/bin/sudo -u %RUNAS% %COMMAND%” as sudo command. Click update. So we said that this host supports sudo for privilege delegation but in fact, we haven’t configured sudo yet. Connect to the host (in this case it’s our cloud control server), edit /etc/sudoers file, put remark sign before “Defaults requiretty” add a user (i.e. oracle):

As soon as you save the changes, oracle will be added to sudoers and be able to run commands as root with sudo. Now we’re ready to discovery new hosts using this host.

Click “setup”, “add target” and then “configure auto discovery”.

Click “configure” to set up IP scanning.

Click “create” to create a new search.

Click “add” to add agents which we’ll use for scanning.

Select the agent(s) for scanning. So you can use multiple agents to scan networks faster.

Enter the target IP subnet and then click job details.

Select “new” to be able to enter credentials of the user you added as sudoer, this information will be saved so you can use it later. You can give a meaningful name for it. Click “save and submit IP scan”.

Search job will start immediately. You can click “refresh IP scan results” to refresh the results. When it’s done we can check the auto discovery results page.

Click “setup”, “add target” and then “auto discovery results”. We see that new discovered hosts as – Unfortunately there’s no DNS in my virtual network so IP address couldn’t be resolved. I could add this host to /etc/hosts file of my cloud control to see its name instead of its IP. Click over the host name and then click “promote”.

Select the correct agent and click next.

Enter the installation directory for the agent. It says this directory will be created but don’t forget the user should be able to create this directory. For example, “oracle” user can not create a directory in root partition so I created “/oracle” directory and give ownership to “oracle” user in target server before I start deploying the agent. Click “plus” button to enter new credentials.

Enter the credentials to install agent. Do not forget to add “oracle” user to sudoers on target server like we did on cloud control server! As I see Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 has /usr/bin/sudo but Cloud Control’s default sudo location is /usr/local/bin/sudo so change the privileged delegation setting according to the location of sudo.

Click “deploy agent” to start installing Management Agent to target server.

Wait until agent is deployed.

Here we can see the new host.

If you don’t want to use auto discovery, you can add hosts manually. Click “setup”, “add target”, “add targets manually”, then click “add host”.

Click “add” button to enter hostname (or IP) of the target server you want to add. Select the platform and click next.

Next steps are same with adding “discovered targets”, you enter the location to install agent, enter the credentials then click next.

Review the settings click “Deploy Agent” to start the installing agent to the target server. As usual, you should configure sudo in target system.

127 Responses to “How to Deploy Oracle Management Agent 12c”

  1. Francisco says:

    I getting the following error while submitting configure auto discovery schedule

    error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Fransisco, if you use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c without Patchset 1, make sure that OpenSSL 0.9.7 is installed. SUDO should be also correctly installed and configured.

    • Francisco says:

      Hi Gokhan – In our company we don’t have the oracle password we login to the server with our id and then sudo to oracle. Can we use other user on the named credentials to install agents on host ?

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      You don’t need to use oracle to install agent, you can create a new user for deploying agent.

  2. Hi There

    I get the following error after an instance was added to EM12c.

    IO Error: Socket read timed out. it is not showing me the detail of the database.

    any idea what can be causing this?

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Shaun, I haven’t came accross this error before. Somehow, your agent couldn’t communicate with your database. Please check your listener.

  3. Hii
    I faced at the last step of deployment of agent an error unable to secure agent .
    Error message =unavailable
    Please run manually the below commands.
    emctl secure agent
    emctl start agent
    emctl config agent addinternaltargets

    And when i run them manually it says :

    Agent successfully restarted… Done.
    Securing agent… Failed.

    And if i type :
    emctl unsecure agent

    It succeseed

    Whats wrong please help ??

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Mohab, please check logs – make sure that your target server can access OMS (no firewall blocks connection) and double-check the agent registration password.

  4. suresh says:

    12c Agent deploy from oem12c is not possible due to security reason. Do we have other option . I have copy the oem12c software to target machine where i have to install 12c agent.
    but when i kick runInstaller and passed few step but i didn’t feel it doing agent installation it seems oem install.
    could you help how to install agent12c . not from oem12c grid page. security reason sudo/ssh is disbled.

  5. Hi, I have install 12c Grid on Linux box and need to install agent on HP-AUX box. Can we do the cross platform installation.

  6. while i try to deploy OMS, I got this below errors during Remote prerequists check

    The user “oracle” does not have the privileges to run shell “/bin/sh” as user “root” using the Privilege Delegation tool “/usr/bin/sudo” .

    How do i fix this error?

    I added the below entry in /etc/sudoers

    #Defaults requiretty
    root ALL=(ALL) ALL
    oracle ALL=(ALL) ALL

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Hi Mohamed,

      First, please check if sudo is located in /usr/bin/sudo – “which sudo” command helps. Secondly, try to add this one to your sudoers:




    • I added this entry in my(target machine) /etc/sudoers file and run it again , I got a same issues.

      [root@siebelts Middleware]# which sudo

    • thank you! my problem is solved by change this settings in visudo

  7. hi,
    could you please advise how could we deploy new agent manually , so to add new target manually?

    thank you

  8. Ron Gordon says:

    Hi Gokhan, just wanted to say this is one of those few blogs which actually solved my issue, was well written, lots of pretty pictures and a good description which goes with the screen shots (I needed oracle “ALL=(ALL) ALL” in /etc/sudoers but I only had “USER_BE_ORACLE ALL=NOPASSWD: BE_ORACLE” in the file). Good work and thanks.

  9. Dear Gokhan,
    i’m getting the following Error while deploying a new agent on HP-UX server:

    Execution of command /u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/ADATMP_2012-09-12_14-24-43-PM/ -ignorePrereqs ORACLE_HOSTNAME= AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4904 AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/agent_inst b_doDiscovery=false b_startAgent=false b_forceInstCheck=true AGENT_PORT=3872 2>/u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/ADATMP_2012-09-12_14-24-43-PM/logs/install.err 1>/u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/ADATMP_2012-09-12_14-24-43-PM/logs/install.log on host Failed

    Error Message:Not Available

    Exit Code :1

    and the log(/u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/ADATMP_2012-09-12_14-24-43-PM/logs/install.log) contain the below message:

    -e Validating the OMS_HOST & EM_UPLOAD_PORT
    Executing command : /u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/core/ -classpath /u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/core/
    ware/core/ oracle.sysman.agent.installer.AgentInstaller /u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/core/ /u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software/ADATMP_2012-09-12_14-
    24-43-PM /u01/app/oracle/Agent12c_software -prereq
    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    java.lang.Error: Permission denied
    at java.lang.System.initProperties(Native Method)
    at java.lang.System.initializeSystemClass(

    -e Validating the OMS_HOST & EM_UPLOAD_PORT has failed

    Any idea please

    Thank You

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      It looks like there’s a problem with the file/directory permissions but I have no experience on HP-UX so I prefer not make any educated guesses. I think it could be better if you open a service request to Oracle.

    • Hi, Gokhan!

      I got the similar problem too
      below are my logs ;
      2014-10-22_15-05-34:信息:Install Args b_forceInstCheck=true
      2014-10-22_15-05-34:信息:Install Args AGENT_PORT=3872
      2014-10-22_15-05-34:信息:Action description 在主机 上执行命令 /bin/sh -c ‘/u01/scratch/agentHome/ADATMP_2014-10-22_14-19-08-PM/ -ignorePrereqs ORACLE_HOSTNAME= AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u01/scratch/agentHome EM_UPLOAD_PORT=1159 AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=/u01/scratch/agentHome/agent_inst b_doDiscovery=false b_startAgent=false b_forceInstCheck=true AGENT_PORT=3872’
      2014-10-22_15-05-34:信息:Attempt :1 pty required false with no inputs
      2014-10-22_15-14-49:信息:/bin/sh -c ‘/u01/scratch/agentHome/ADATMP_2014-10-22_14-19-08-PM/ -ignorePrereqs ORACLE_HOSTNAME= AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u01/scratch/agentHome EM_UPLOAD_PORT=1159 AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=/u01/scratch/agentHome/agent_inst b_doDiscovery=false b_startAgent=false b_forceInstCheck=true AGENT_PORT=3872’ execution failed on host
      2014-10-22_15-14-49:信息:Pattern ERROR: found in file D:/app/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/agentpush//2014-10-22_14-19-08-PM/logs/ Line ERROR: Agent Configuration Failed SEVERE: Agent free port check failed.
      2014-10-22_15-14-49:信息:Error Message found Agent Configuration Failed SEVERE: Agent free port check failed.
      2014-10-22_15-14-49:信息: ACTION 在主机 上执行命令 /u01/scratch/agentHome/ADATMP_2014-10-22_14-19-08-PM/ -ignorePrereqs ORACLE_HOSTNAME= AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u01/scratch/agentHome EM_UPLOAD_PORT=1159 AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=/u01/scratch/agentHome/agent_inst b_doDiscovery=false b_startAgent=false b_forceInstCheck=true AGENT_PORT=3872
      2014-10-22_15-14-49:信息: OUT null
      2014-10-22_15-14-49:信息: ERR Agent Configuration Failed SEVERE: Agent free port check failed.
      2014-10-22_15-14-49:信息: EXIT CODE1
      I have checked my /etc/hosts seeting,everthing looks fine,also I have check the port 3872,and the port 3872 is free of use.
      now,I dont’t know what cause this and how to sovle it,any ideas? Thank you!

  10. Hi
    Nice work. Thanks. I get this error after I submit the job.

    Output Log

    Host discovery job failed. Remote Operation Exception: exception occurred executing job step
    I can ping back and forth between the Agentless Target Host & my OMS. sudoers in both servers look good.

    Couldnt locate any help with the above message. Can you suggest?
    Many thanks

  11. Hi Gokhan
    Any suggestion? NMAP of the target host from OMS server just came back fine too. I can send you the agent log if needed.

    I am trying the Manual Agent Deployment now.
    But just want to make sure I can do the Auto Discovery too.


    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Hi KJ,

      I have examined the logs you sent and I think it could be a bug. Please open a service request to Oracle.

  12. Thanks. Will do . Appreciate your time.

  13. Gokhan Atil says:

    Satish, you must install cygwin to enable ssh service. Please check:

  14. Yes Gokhan, After I googled finally I have installed the cygwin and successfully deployed the agent on windows..

    Now facing another problem while deploying the agent in aix server, however already I have successfully deployed the agent in another aix server.

    Presently I am getting below error while deploying the 12c agent in aix server

    Secure Agent Execution of command /oracle/app/12c_Agent/agent_inst/bin/emctl start agent on host hostname.domain.local

    Failed Error Message:Not Available

    Exit Code :1

    Fix the cause of the error and retry the operation (or) manually run the following commands on the remote host
    /oracle/app/12c_Agent/agent_inst/bin/emctl secure agent
    /oracle/app/12c_Agent/agent_inst/bin/emctl start agent
    /oracle/app/12c_Agent/agent_inst/bin/emctl config agent addinternaltargets


    So manually I tried to run the above commands, Successfully I ran the first command “emctl secure agent”
    but while running 2nd command “emctl start agent” i am getting below error..

    /home/oracle->/oracle/app/12c_Agent/agent_inst/bin/emctl start agent
    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2
    Copyright (c) 1996, 2012 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Starting agent ………….. failed.
    HTTP Listener failed at Startup
    Possible port conflict on port(3872): Retrying the operation…..
    Failed to start the agent after 3 attempts. Please check that the port(3872) is available.
    Consult emctl.log and emagent.nohup in: /oracle/app/12c_Agent/agent_inst/sysman/log

    Please let me know if you have any idea about this error message..

    Thank you very much for you blog and your help..

    Satish Kumar Sadhu

    • Hi Gokhan, I have resolved the issue by removing the target servers domain name in /etc/hosts on OMS server. in fact Hostnames for hosts in local /etc/hosts and remote /etc/hosts don’t match exactly, extra domain name is there in oms server, but it was pinged with host name from target and oms…
      Any how I have resolved the issue.. now i have added all my target database in grid control..

      Thanks a lot for your blog.

      Satish Kumar Sadhu

    • Nataraj D says:

      Hi Satish,

      I am facing the same issue and I am able to execute all the commands. Agent is up and running. But I want to know how you have added database targets after that?

      Nataraj D

  15. Hi Gokhan

    Thanks for the wonderful post, Ive followed every step and got Grid running

    I have a problem deploying agents though…

    I get this:

    Error Message: Home Dependencies Location:/u01/app/grid_agent_home/core/ Update home dependency failed.

    Exit Code :1

    Execution of command /u01/app/grid_agent_home/ADATMP_2012-11-01_13-03-23-PM/ -ignorePrereqs ORACLE_HOSTNAME=[hostname.domain] AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u01/app/grid_agent_home OMS_HOST=[hostname.domain] EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4901 AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=/u01/app/grid_agent_home/agent_inst b_doDiscovery=false b_startAgent=false b_forceInstCheck=true AGENT_PORT=3872 on host [hostname.domain] Failed


    SEVERE: ERROR: Update home dependency failed.
    SEVERE: ERROR: Agent Deployment Failed

    This is on OEL x64, no sudo option was taken as root scripts would be run manually after the install

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks in advance

  16. Hi There

    looking for some help i installed a new oracle oem 12c on a server i have agent 12cr1 installed on our dev server that still has the old Repository URL :

    How do i configure the angent to get the to get the show the new Repository URL

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Do you want your agent connect to your new OEM 12c? Why don’t you just uninstall the old agent (as I see its version is also different than OEM server), and install new one?

  17. Dear Gokhan,

    I have installed the 12c grid control on OEL6.3 and deployed agents for all of our databases which are running on AIX,Windows,Linux and added all our databases in grid control. But due to some reasons my grid server was crashed, So again I have installed the 12c grid control on OEL6.3 So Now I need to uninstall the agents in all of our target servers and needs to deploy again? or do we have any way for adding those databases in my new grid control with out uninstalling and install the agents on target servers

    Please let me know, what can i do now

    Thanks & Regards,
    Satish Kumar Sadhu.

  18. Hi Gokhan,

    I’m getting error
    ERROR: NMO not setuid-root (Unix-only)
    when going to submit IP scan..
    Can you pls shade some light on the problem..

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Pubudu, have you run the script after the Agent installation? Please check MOS [ID 1465278.1]

  19. Francisco says:

    Hi Gokhan – Thank you for the reply. I still not clear at this deployment. Is the new user sudo to oracle and install the agent as oracle or the owner of the agent will be the new user ?

  20. Francisco says:

    What should I enter on the sudoer file if I want to use oinstaller instead.

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      If you want to give sudo permission to users in group “oinstall”, you need to enter the following line to sudoers file:

      %oinstall ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL

  21. Hi Gokhan,

    When I start up repository database, webtier and OMS, everything is up and okay. But when I open the emlink to start those steps the status shows that there are no data available.
    Please let me know what can I do. Thanks!

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Nikki, is the listener of repository database up? Have you tried to connect your repository database through tns (ie sqplus sys@repositorydb)?

  22. Hi again. yup,repository listener and its db is up. tns is also working. When checking EM all-targets page, the target status of both host and agent are “metric collection error”? what does it mean?

    thanks for your help.

  23. Hi Gokhan,

    I successfully managed to deploy agent with the help of this blog seriously t help me alot.
    One quick doubt can you provide a link or doc where i can find steps to add database to my enterprise grid control 12c.

  24. Hi, Thanks for your wonderful article. It did help me sort out adding agent to EM console. We have one IBM AIX system that has no ssh installation. Is there a way I could install the agents? I appreciate your answer.

  25. Hello

    I am getting the below error message while deploying the agent –

    $ /tmp/

    Cloning the agent home…
    Executing command: /opt/webapps/Agent12C/core/ -ignoreSysPrereqs -clone -forceClone -silent -waitForCompletion -nowait ORACLE_HOME=/opt/webapps/Agent12C/core/ AGENT_BASE_DIR=/opt/webapps/Agent12C ORACLE_HOSTNAME=XXXXXX AGENT_BASE_DIR=/opt/webapps/Agent12C EM_UPLOAD_PORT=1159 AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=/opt/webapps/Agent12C/agent_inst b_doDiscovery=false b_startAgent=false b_forceInstCheck=true AGENT_PORT=3872 -noconfig ORACLE_HOME_NAME=agent12c1 -force b_forceConfigure=true b_noUpgrade=true
    Clone Action Logs Location:/usr/users/obieeadm/OBIEE6/oraInventory/logs/cloneActions.log
    ERROR: Agent Clone Failed

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Jai, I shorten your message and removed the host names. It seems everything went fine until copying the agent files.

      Have you check the cloneActions.log file?

      Have you checked MoS ID 1505064.1? It says the temp directory may be full.

  26. Hello Gokhan

    The Agent is installed manually but the targets including the Agents and Hosts are even not available on the OMS console.

    Like in case of OMS 11g/10g we normally run the agentca -d command to discover all the targets.

    What is a process in OEM – 12C in case we have to discover a target even after installation of OEM Agent 12 C.

    Thank You !!


  27. Hi,

    I have changed the IP on a host Server. Now I need to configure it in the Cloud Control 12c. How do I do that? Since the Status is now Agent Unreachable…

  28. Hi Gokhan,

    Thanks for sharing your comprehensive guide. However, I do see this problem and hope you can help me. What do you think is the issue here and why am I getting this error? I can’t seem to find anything on Oracle support or Google.

    Host discovery job failed while creating scan command. Exception: At least one of the values of OS, Architecture and Version can not be obtained for Agent emdUrl = “https://oem12c:3872/emd/main/”.

  29. kamarudeen says:

    Dear Gokhan,

    we are in process of oem 12c agent installation in oracle solaris platform. As per our security reason, not able to do installation through oem wc.
    We have agent software. please clarify my doubts.
    1. Can we install agent software in silent mode?
    2. What are steps needs to be follow to achieve that?


    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Hi Kamarudeen,

      You can use agentdeploy script or agentpull method. I’ll blog about agentpull method in a couple of days. You can check my blog post explaining how to use agentdeploy script.



  30. MADHAV says:

    Dear Gokhan,
    Thanks a lot for such a clear cut method.
    But I’m facing a issue, once I give the credenatils for the “oracle” user created in /etc/suders file and in the console when it asks for the password, i gave a general(not previously used) password.

    After this when I click “test” tab,

    it shows the below error

    Error :Authentication failure, check credential properties

    Can you please let me know, how do i overcome this?

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Madhav, when it asks for the password, you should enter the actual password of “oracle” user. It doesn’t ask for a new password.

  31. MADHAV says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    I have no user named oracle in my repository.The user with OEM(oms was installed) was “oraoem”. I entered the oraoem user in the /etc/suders file and gave the password, when asked.
    Still its is not of nay help.
    Please let me know , what I’m missing.


    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Madhav, could you check “12c: Setting Named Credentials – Test Failed. Authentication failure, Check credential properties [ID 1511538.1]”?

  32. Paolo says:


    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c. How can I view the IP of the of hostnames on the Targets -> Host? Also, I added a host via IP, can I change that to DNS once I added it to Cloud Control?


  33. Luke Xu says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    Recently, I installed OEM12c on Windows 2008R2(x64) using the following steps:

    (1). Install Oracle Database Software Enterprise Edition (64bit).

    (2). Create LISTENER via NETCA

    (3). Create OEM Repository Database via DBCA using ‘Database Template (with EM repository pre-configured) for Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 (’.

    (4). Installed OEM12c ‘Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 (’ successfully which includes OMS, Agent, Repository, Management Plug-ins.

    (5). Deployed ‘Management Agent’ to another server after installing Cygwin on target.

    After I login to OEM console, I could add another server as ‘managed target’ as ‘host’ type.

    I was also able to discover the databases on the target and turned them into managed targets.

    I do not understand why I could not turn OMS server into ‘managed target’ as ‘host’ type.

    I also have some other small databases running on OMS server. I could not manage those databases as ‘managed targets’.

    Is there Windows version issue? Please advise.



  34. kamarudeen says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    Nice document. Recently we added agent in one of our developement database through silent mode and we configured the database with oem successfully.

    When i selecting our db from target ->database page in OEM console,

    I got blank page after showing this “connecting to target database” .

    Is there any idea about this?

    Our OS  env is “SUN SOLARIS”.





  35. deepthi says:


    while I am doing  agent deployment . Initiation process is taking really long time it will run more than 2 hours. I just cancel that .do you have any idea .please let me know if you have a solution.



    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Deepthi, network connection and hardware resources (cpu/ram/io speed) of the OMS and target server may affect to deployment processes.

  36. Omkar Sunkersett says:

    Hi, I have installed OEM12c cloud control on a host oem12c and am unable to deploy the agent to the remote host. The SSH port is 22 in sshd_config for both hosts and the PasswordAuthentication is “yes” too. The firewalls are disabled on both the hosts. The SSH_PORT parameter is 22 in the file too.

    Remote validation fails while deploying the agent. Please advise.

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Omkar, as I see it can not connect through ssh and gets timeout. Timeout problems are usually related with firewall. Open terminal window on om12c, try to connect to inux.virtualmachine using SSH.

  37. Zishan says:


    I have installed 12c on windows 64 bit. I am trying to deploying agent but got the following message:

    SSH daemon (sshd) is not running on port “22”

    Any idea why ? and what I need to do ?



  38. Dear Gokhan,

    I Installed OEM 12C on OEL 6.2 but i have a problem i cant deploy the agent.

    Can I do it manually ? without pushing them via the OEM interface.

    I had download AIX and LINUX agent via the interface and when i tried to push those agent after i did the autoDiscovery wich is working good for my server. I have an error :/

    # You do not have permission to write to or create the central invertory on the system

    #L’indicateur “requiretty” étant défini dans le fichier sudoers sur l’hôte distant, l’utilisateur ne pourra pas exécuter sudo sur SSH.

    Any idea how can i resolve this probleme please ?

    Thank you;



  39. Pedro de Paula says:

    Hi Gokhan, hi all.

    Do you have a list with the most important commands?

    For security reasons I can’t give ALL commands to oracle user in sudoers.

    I know that list can be huge and its depends on which OS we are running (in my company we have all of them), but if you have any list I’ll have something to ask to my OS team.

    Thanks in advance.

    Pedro de Paula

  40. Omkar Sunkersett says:

    Whenever I try setting the privilege delegation thing in OEM, I click update and then the setting does not reflect. The host is configured with privilege delegation too. This is a weird bug. How do I manually edit some file to set up privilege delegation?

  41. Hi!I would be very appreciated if you could tell about necessity to have sudo to root on everyday basis from agent installation user, or can it be revoked after installation is finished?. Does agent uses it for collecting OS statistic and so on?

  42. This is a little off topic, but I am banging my head on a wall. I am trying to setup named credentials. I have selected host credentials for the type. I am using an ldap account for the credentials. I know that ssh is working for the ldap account to the machines that I manage. But when I do a test and save it fails and asks to check the credential properties. I have done a tail of the secure log file on one of the servers and it does not look like it is trying to use ssh to do the connection. I am not sure what I am missing.

  43. Gokhan,

    I am having a problem starting my agent on our new Audit Vault server on Oracle Linux.  When installing, all prereqs etc pass.  Installation is successful.  When starting I get the “HTTP listener failed to start port conflict” error.  I change the post the agent uses – same issue.  In emagent.nohup I get these errors:  —– Thu Sep 26 15:51:21 2013::7237::Generating openfiles report in /var/lib/oracle/agent12c/agent_inst/sysman/log/lsof_7308 —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 15:51:21 2013::7237::Generating netstat report in /var/lib/oracle/agent12c/agent_inst/sysman/log/netstat_7308 —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 15:51:21 2013::7237::Generating all host processes report in /var/lib/oracle/agent12c/agent_inst/sysman/log/allprocesses_7308 —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 15:51:21 2013::7237::Exiting watchdog loop
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:00:56 2013::3988::Checking status of EMAgent : 4038 —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:00:56 2013::3988::EMAgent exited at Thu Sep 26 16:00:56 2013 with signal 9 —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:00:56 2013::3988::EMAgent has been forcibly killed. —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:00:56 2013::3988::Stopping other components. —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:00:56 2013::3988::Commiting Process death. —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:00:56 2013::3988::Exiting watchdog loop
    — EMState agent
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:01:11 2013::10178::Auto tuning the agent at time Thu Sep 26 16:01:11 2013 —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:01:12 2013::10178::Finished auto tuning the agent at time Thu Sep 26 16:01:12 2013 —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:01:12 2013::10178::Launching the JVM with following options: -Xmx128M -server -Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true -XX:+UseLinuxPosixThreadCPUClocks -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled -XX:+UseCompressedOops —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:01:12 2013::10178::Agent Launched with PID 10222 at time Thu Sep 26 16:01:12 2013 —–
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:01:12 2013::10222::Time elapsed between Launch of Watchdog process and execing EMAgent is 2 secs —–
    2013-09-26 16:01:13,194 [1:main] WARN – Missing filename for log handler ‘wsm’
    2013-09-26 16:01:13,204 [1:main] WARN – Missing filename for log handler ‘opss’
    2013-09-26 16:01:13,205 [1:main] WARN – Missing filename for log handler ‘opsscfg’
    —– Thu Sep 26 16:01:46 2013::10178::Checking status of EMAgent : 10222 —–

    I have installed agents using this OMS many times and have not encountered any problems.  Any ideas?


  44. And in emctl.log this message appears hundreds of times:

    15404 :: Thu Sep 26 15:11:50 2013::Found Msg file with: {1380208297679,running}
    15404 :: Thu Sep 26 15:11:50 StartCEMD Querying for the real status of the agent

  45. I’ve an identical problem:

    (DispatchRequests emdctl=>[137725209040001])] WARN – Missing filename for log handler ‘wsm’
    (DispatchRequests emdctl=>[137725209040001])] WARN – Missing filename for log handler ‘opss’
    (DispatchRequests emdctl=>[137725209040001])] WARN – Missing filename for log handler ‘opsscfg’

    I tried to apply solution indicated in 1499736.1 MOS Note,  but cannot find problematic agent in pugin deploy window.

    Jeff, if you solved, please write how you do it.






  46. Hi,

    Thank you for the great blog. I wonder if you can help me. We want to clone our OVM environment that hosts around 40  servers managed by OEM 12c. Now my question is with all the IP addresses changing on the servers, what will I need to do to the agents? Is it necessary to uninstall and redeploy or is there a script I can use to update the IP address.

    Thank you for your help.

  47. Gokhan I got below error when I click “SUDO”



    Unexpected error occurred. Please contact Oracle Support with these files.


  48. Antonio:  I’m sorry I did not solve it.  I did a full uninstall and then reinstalled and it worked.  I don’t know why.  I don’t think Gokhan is answering this blog anymore as he hasn’t commented since July.  Sorry I can’t help.

  49. Aman Vats says:


    I am getting the following error
    Sudo Run As Root privileges are required for Host Discovery. Specify appropriate credentials
    when I proivide new credentials and try to save and submit Ip scan.
    The username used is oraclone and its entry is also provided in /etc/sudoers file. but still iam facing the issue.
    Please help.

  50. Hi,

    We are trying to integrate OEM cloud control 12c in OPS center 12c but showing

    Connection StatusConsole:Not Connected

    We are also adding OPS center 12c in Cloud control 12c showing following error.

    Mertic collection error.

    Please suggest on the same.

  51. Dave Ryan says:

    My enterprise manager after upgrading always fails with the following ZIP error and no one has been able to assist me with this issue. Would you have any idea. Version worked fine but is not broken in Windows Server 2012 after upgrade to





    2014-06-22_10-03-49:INFO:Cmd cd C:\tmpada\temp_2014-06-22_10-03-47-322_linux_x64 && D:\oracle\middleware\oms\bin
    \zip -rq D:\oracle\gc_inst\em\EMGC_OMS1\sysman\agentpush\2014-06-22_10-02-14-AM\plugins
    \linux_x64\ .
    2014-06-22_10-04-15:INFO:====================PRINTING REFRESH FREQUENCY30000
    2014-06-22_10-04-15:INFO:Inside getModelDeploySessionVo
    2014-06-22_10-04-15:INFO:JNDIStatusManager.getJNDIState entry
    2014-06-22_10-04-15:INFO:@@@@@found js for session id : 2014-06-22_10-02-14-AM
    2014-06-22_10-04-15:INFO:====================PRINTING REFRESH FREQUENCY30000
    2014-06-22_10-04-45:INFO:====================PRINTING REFRESH FREQUENCY30000
    2014-06-22_10-04-45:INFO:Inside getModelDeploySessionVo
    2014-06-22_10-04-45:INFO:JNDIStatusManager.getJNDIState entry
    2014-06-22_10-04-45:INFO:@@@@@found js for session id : 2014-06-22_10-02-14-AM
    2014-06-22_10-04-45:INFO:====================PRINTING REFRESH FREQUENCY30000
    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:====================PRINTING REFRESH FREQUENCY30000
    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:Inside getModelDeploySessionVo
    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:JNDIStatusManager.getJNDIState entry
    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:@@@@@found js for session id : 2014-06-22_10-02-14-AM
    2014-06-22_10-05-15:INFO:====================PRINTING REFRESH FREQUENCY30000
    2014-06-22_10-05-31:INFO:ERR:zip warning: Permission denied
    zip warning: Permission denied
    zip warning: Permission denied
    zip warning: Permission denied

    2014-06-22_10-05-31:INFO:Exception : Unable to zip file D:/oracle/gc_inst/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/agentpush/2014-06-

  52. Andre Mirzoyan says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    We have a 6-node RAC. I’ve installed the agent software on all 6 nodes using CLI like so:

    ./ AGENT_BASE_DIR=/oracle/product/11.2.0/agent12c EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4900 AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=password

    OEM auto discovers nodes 2-6 as a cluster system but the first node is not detected as being part of a cluster.

    Here’s what I see in Agent-based Targets Auto Discovery Results:

    Target Name, Target Type, Cluster Database, Database Instance

    dbname.mydomain.com_sid2, Database Instance

    dbname.mydomain.com_sid3, Database Instance

    dbname.mydomain.com_sid4, Database Instance

    dbname.mydomain.com_sid5, Database Instance

    dbname.mydomain.com_sid6, Database Instance

    I’ve also tried to add the instance to the cluster from OEM by promoting the cluster and adding the instance, but that does not work.

    I’ve searched through node 1 and verified any differences between it and the other nodes, and the only thing I saw was, oraInst.loc file was pointing to a different oraInventory location, so I made it same as the other nodes and reinstalled the agent, but no success.

    also the contents of targets.xml file is different compared to the other nodes, so I’m not sure how this file get’s populated.

    If you can point me somewhere where I can read how the agent actually discovers its targets, in detail, i’ll be super appreciative 🙂


    Thank You!



  53. Thilina Wickramasinghe says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    I have created the incident rule for table space threshold. Then I have set the target as specific instance name. But after created the event,

     add the specific table space as metric alert But it shows the wrong instance and tablespaces in metric specific target list. It should give the table spaces where I have selected for target. Where can I change that. I want to select the tablespaces on where I selected for target.


  54. Ritu Chauhan says:

    I have installed cygwin on windows 2008 r2 and cofigured the ssh daemon. However, I have the OMS on a linux box and not on windows. In the cygwin setup documentation, the last step involves specifying the environment variable where the OMS is installed. Those are for windows environment. Please help as what settings are to be done when the OMS is on a linux machine.

    Reference: Step 5.5 After installing cygwin and configuring ssh.

  55. Hi,

    When see the status and starting the agent, getting below error. Can you pls. me to fix this issue?

    $ /opt/OracleHomes/agent_home/agent_inst/bin/emctl status agent
    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2
    Copyright (c) 1996, 2012 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    $/opt/OracleHomes/agent_home/agent_inst/bin/emctl start agent
    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2
    Copyright (c) 1996, 2012 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Rajesh, have you checked the logs in /opt/OracleHomes/agent_home/agent_inst/sysman/log? Please first check the emctl.log

  56. Hi,

    We have 12103 EM cloud control 12c 12.1..0.3 in Windows Server 2012 Standard Ed x64.

    Can i deploy client 12103 from em to targets Windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise and Standandard Edition running 11g R2, / 11.2.04.  If not, will can be intalled and configured.

    Do i need to set Cygwin on targets?


    After cleint installation and target addition, how to monitors databases?

  57. hi gokhan
    thanks for documents

    this file is read only!
    [oracle@OEL65 ~]$ vi /etc/sudoers

    how can we edit it?


    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Hi Masoud,

      You need to switch root user to be able to edit sudoers file, and in vi, you can use “:w!” instead of “:w” to overwrite read only files.

    • thanks!
      for your attention

      I solved by this

      [root@OEL65 ~]# sudo visudo -f /etc/sudoers

  58. Nestor says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    Having successfully installed grid 12c on a oracle linux 6.6 vm, we are trying to add targets manually (Your post helps us too much to do so). But we are facing this issue : “Target Added, Pending Save to Agent” , “Unable to connect to the agent at https://<hostname>:1830/emd/main/ [No route to host]”.

    Can you help us!


    • Gokhan Atil says:


      Please check if OMS solves the agent name correct. You may use ping and nslookup commands. Please also check the hostname and /etc/hosts file in the target server.

    • Nestor says:

      Thanks Gokhan,

      Yes we had already tested dns ping and nslookup and there were fine. But today we find out one thing : by adding the port 1830 in /etc/sysconfig/iptables entries, we fix the problem:
      “-A INPUT -m state –state NEW -m tcp -p tcp –dport 1830 -j ACCEPT”

      Seemlessly, turning off firewall was not enough to allow all trafic. We finally turn it on and open needed ports on both OMS and target sides.

      Thanks again.

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Good to hear that you solved the problem.

  59. Sridhar says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    I am just trying this on demo server. So i am using root for scan. So i did not change sudoers file. Is this fine? After clicking Refresh IP scan results, Status is becoming Failed. I tried by giving only single IP also (range also tried). Still no luck. Can you please help me here?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Sridhar, I do not understand how you use “root” for scanning. Is your agent installed as root user?

  60. Sachin says:


    I am trying to deploy agent on the remote host by adding targets manually. After clicking on deploy agent, the installation gets stuck at Initialization step .  It never stops initialization or throws any error.


    Here is the snippet form the deployfwk.log


  61. Chris says:

    Thanks for your article.  We would like the manage assets in two different network subnets (a web VLAN and a database VLAN).  The CC server was installed initially on the web VLAN.  When I get the CC server cabled up on the database VLAN do I need to do anything for CC to recognize it or should it be able to discover assets there per usual?  Thank you!!

  62. How do we use Privilege delegation for OMS on Windows and agents also Windows platforms? I got the following message : “Both sudo and PowerBroker are privilege delegation tools for UNIX-like environments, which allow administrators to delegate administrative privileges and authorization without disclosing the privileged account’s password. You can configure the host with a Privilege Delegation setting, apply a Privilege Delegation setting template or unconfigure the Privilege Delegation setting.You cannot edit/clear/test/or apply a template on a Windows host. Only the first 2,000 rows are shown. Use Search to refine the list.”

  63. I am trying to deploy agent from Upgrade Console getting failed message , can you please tell me how to find log location to troubleshoot that error ?



  64. I’m installing OEM for managing Active Dataguard on database.  The error occured at step 8 “Database Connection Details” with the following message:

    The database deails which you have provided is of container database(CDB). EM Repository can not be deployed in CDB. Make sure you provide the service name for the pluggable database (PDB).


    The root cause is certification of OEM for database?

    Is there any idea to install OEM when using database?




  65. I cannot see the  Click “configure” to set up IP scanning option in my UI. Is there something wrong with my installation?

    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Hi Jun,

      The “Setup Discovery” page is changed, this is probably why you can’t see the “configure” button. In latest release, to start “Network Scan”, click “Host and Oracle VM Manager” tab, and then click “Create” button.

  66. You actually make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I to find this topic to be really one thing which I think I would never understand.
    It sort of feels too complex and extremely huge for me. I am having a look ahead on your subsequent post, I will attempt to get the hold of it!

  67. Ahamed says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    Can we add OEM Agent directly on OVM Server, is this recommended or will this affects or it will run smooth, we need to add the agent directly on OVM server so we can list all VM servers and VM’s details in OEM.

    Please confirm

  68. Gokhan, we’re running a problem beside the agent installation. The already existing Oracle products at a Unix machine where installed with username and groups different from the traditional oracle/oinstall, so we’re seeing more than one Inventory at a given machine, and more than a “oinstall” group.

    For installation purposes we choose to pick one of this groups, and the installation was without severe problems, but at discovery time, at machines where Weblogic is installed, the agent just ignore (does’nt discover) installations done with the other groups. To discover it, we should change ownership or add groups to the agent and bounce it.

    I’ve read documentation about discovery, but no one points to “what requisite you need to discover such target”, I’m afraid the we miss other targets other than the elephant-weblogics … did you remember seeing something regarding discovery?

    Thanks in advance!

  69. Manikanta says:

    Hi Gokhan,

    We have OEM 12c installed on Linux, but now we have a requirement to monitor the windows servers. WE have installed the Cygwin software and enabled the sshd service. But now while trying to push the agent from OMs to the target server, we are getting the below error.

    error: SSH server check failed

    Cause: SSH daemon (sshd) is not running on port “1022”

    Recommendation: Verify the value of SSH_PORT in the /oem/app/Middleware/oms/oui/prov/resources/ file. Ensure that it is the same as the port on which the sshd is running on the remote host.

    As per the above recommendation i have changed the port to 22 in the above mentioned path and tried to deploy the agent and now received the below error.

    Error: Connection to the SSH daemon (sshd) on the target host failed with the following error: “Algorithm negotiation fail”

    So can you please let me know how to proceed in this.

    OMS has the ssh port enabled on 1022 and sshd on windows server is enabled on the port 22. And also we need to deploy the Apache Tomcat Server plugin on to this windows host. Please provide the detailed steps on how to complete this task


    • Gokhan Atil says:

      Hi Manikanta, please check Doc ID 1943167.1: Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Agent Deployment to MS Windows Platforms Fails at the Initialization Step with Error: PROV-16011: Algorithm negotiation fail.

  70. Hi Gokhan,

    Could disabling and securing 12c OEM port such as the once listed below cause agent deployment to fail?

    Managed server HTTP Port = 7202 disabled
    Enterprise Manager Central Console HTTP Port=7788 disabled

    In my environment, we’re disabling all http and securing all https port. What’s happening now is that I think some of the ports that were disabled are preventing successful agent deployment.

    We’ve tried multiple times are we’re still getting the same error below.
    Error message =unavailable
    Please run manually the below commands.
    emctl secure agent – it normally stops here with error 
    emctl start agent
    Error: Agent successfully restarted… Done.
    Securing agent… Failed.

  71. Pete Hagerty says:

    Hello Gokhan!

    I have installed OEM 12c ( on Linux with ODA.  I hit some bumps in the road, but got through.  What I can’t seem to fix is:

    Agent Upload is locked

    OMS is locked

    Both of these statuses are displayed when I execute “emctl status oms -details” on the OMS server. 

    ALSO, when I add a database instance as a target it seems that OEM not only adds the target type Database Instance but also adds a target type Database System with the same name.  My problem isn’t that OEM discovers this additional target type, it is that all of the Database System target types have a target status of “Agent Unreachable”.  The Database Instance target types are discovered without problems, with target status of “UP”.

    Can you help with these problems?

    I have been scouring the Oracle blogs and Knowledge Network, with no luck.  I know from previous issues that pulling my hair out also does not work.  Any help would be very much appreciated.



  72. Hi Gokhan

    In article elsewhere it’s mentioned “Add Host Targets Wizard” ..

    This is applicable to rac also ? Or only RAC?

    “Add host” means there are different servers with various releases and versions of different vendore databses,  and all servers are controlled by single cloud oem.. Yeah ?



    • Gokhan Atil says:

      You deploy EM agents to target hosts so OEM can manage and monitor these target hosts. As you said, you can control multiple targets (Windows, Linux, Solaris etc) with one OEM.


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